I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Yale University in the lab of Martha Muñoz. My research focuses on landscape ecology, physiology, and climate change effects, using Plethodontid salamanders as a model organism. I have a broad interest in many ecological questions and organisms and seek to conduct sound and interesting science.  For more information on my research interests and projects, check out my Research page!



Ph.D. (2021), The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

MS (2015), John Carroll University, Cleveland, OH

BS (2013), Auburn University​, Auburn, AL

A Special Thank you:

To Highlands Biological Station, where I have spent every summer of my Ph.D. conducting my dissertation research. The station has provided funding, housing, lab facilities, close access to my field sites, and a wonderful research community.

And to my other funding sources including Herpetologists League, North Carolina Herpetology Society, GradRoots, and OARDC SEEDs