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*  undergraduate co-authors


Gade, M.R., Zhao, Q., Peterman, W.E. Spatial variation in demographic processes and potential role of hybridization in future persistence. Landscape Ecology. (link)

Gould, P.R., Gade, M.R., Wilk, A.J., Peterman, W.E. Short term responses and recovery of riparian salamanders to wildfire in the Southern Appalachians. Journal of Wildlife Management. (link)


Hoffman, A.S., Tutterow, A.M., Gade, M.R., Adams, B., Peterman, W.E.  Variation in behavior drives multiscale responses to habitat conditions in timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus). Ecosphere. 12(11):e03809 (link)



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Gade, M.R.,  Connette, G.M., Crawford, J.A., Hocking,  D.J., Maerz, J.C., Milanovich, J.R., Peterman, W.E. Predicted alteration of terrestrial ectotherm surface activity as a consequence of climate change. Ecology. ecy.315 (link)

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Gade, M.R., Hill, M.*, and Saporito, R.A. Color assortative mating in a mainland population of the strawberry poison frog, Oophaga pumilio. Ethology. 1-8.  (link)

Under Review or Revision

Gade, M.R.,Gould, P.R., Wilk, A.J., Donlon, K.C., Brown, M.*, Behan, M.L.*, Roseman, M.A., Amber, E., Tutterow, A.M., Wagner, R., Hoffman, A.S., Peterman, W.E. Growth and space-use of Eastern Red Backed Salamanders (Plethodon cinereus) in mature and regenerating forests. Under Revision.

Gade, M.R., Brown, M.*,  Tonra, C.M., Peterman, W.E. Unexpected patterns of physiology in terrestrial ectotherms across scales and contexts. Under Revision

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